DIVERGENT DVD / Blu-Ray Release Day Review

The Divergent DVD/ Blu-Ray is out now! Prepare to get truly Dauntless by exploring all the amazing behind-the-scenes adventures on top of watching the stellar movie you love over and over again at your leisure!

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In honor of its release, we’re breaking down and reviewing all of the totally watchable special features so fans can get even more excited!


As the director, Neil Burger’s input on the film is undeniable. Watching his audio commentary, it’s even more so. Hearing about his vision for the film and how it evolved is one thing, but seeing it play out is pretty fascinating. Neil discusses a lot of the little intricacies the really make the world of DIVERGENT stand out that we didn’t even catch. His approach on everything is a little more technical and serious of the two commentaries, but his insight on the film and what it took to make it is unparalleled!


The ability to bounce conversation off one another gives producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher offer the more lively look into the story. Wick and Fisher were among the first few people who truly pushed this movie into existence and their passion for the series is wonderful. With a few more quirky tales and jokes (like how they enticed Miles Teller into the role of Peter by promising that he’d get to beat up Shailene Woodley), they dig up details from the very early stages of the process until filming wrapped.


The making of documentary feature is easily the best part of the special features! If you love silly behind-the-scenes fun with the actors and looks into how these amazing sets and shots can to be, this is the feature you’ll most want to get your hands on. It gives you a deeper, stronger appreciation for the DIVERGENT film and movies in general.

Here are some crazy facts the feature offered up:

  • Along with three weeks of fight training, Theo James also learned how to be a fighting instructor by instructing the other actors as they trained.
  • Shailene Woodley’s stunt double completed a 66 foot freefall followed by a separate 35 foot freefall (one from the roof to the hole in the ground, the second from the hole to the net) for the “First Jumper” scene. The unique shot of the jump came from a cameraman jumping off an adjacent structure shortly after her.
  • Much of the Dauntless set consisted of dilapidated, abandoned buildings all around Chicago. The training space was an old underground warehouse, the cafeteria was a former automobile club.
  • Technically, the ferris wheel scene was the most difficult to film because the city of Chicago put hefty restrictions on exactly where the actors could climb and how the crew could go about making the ferris wheel look rusty and degenerated.

There’s tons more where that came from, including hilarious moments with the cast (Miles Teller especially steals that show) and lots of looks into the stunts. We get to hear from everyone, including Veronica Roth, and it’s a real treat to get a little bit of perspective from the whole cast and crew!


This Blu-ray only extra looks like a deleted scene from “Bringing DIVERGENT To Life”, but it’s definitely worth watching. The cast explains the Faction system, including the pros and cons of each faction. Then gives an honest answer as to what faction they’d be in– some of which might surprise you!


It’s hard to imagine that the deleted scenes were left out for anything other than time purposes (except for one scene that might be too bloody for PG-13) because they were all on point and often featured things fans wanted to see. Here’s a brief rundown of the scenes:

  • Peter gets cocky during firearms training, only to have Four teach him a lesson
  • Edward gets stabbed in the Dauntless initiate dormitory
  • Tris confronts Four about Dauntless leadership after the attack on Edward
  • Tris and Al talk while sitting at the edge of The Chasm
  • After hearing that the chocolate cake is her mom’s favorite, Tris sits with an untouched piece in the cafeteria as Max explains Phase Two of initiate training

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