DIVERGENT “Faction Week” Countdown Has Begun!

There are only five weeks left until Divergent finally hits the big screen, and Summit Entertainment, in conjunction with various movies sites (IMDB, Yahoo! Movies, Fandango, MovieTickets, and Moviefone) are hosting a giveaway each week until the premiere!

This week is Abnegation week and IMDB is giving away two tickets to the world premiere in Los Angeles — click here for your chance to win! Make sure to keep you eyes open for  more premiere sweepstakes announcements from the other sites this week —  Yahoo! (2/19), Fandango (2/20), MovieTickets (2/21), and Moviefone (2/22)!

With only 5 weeks before the opening of DIVERGENT on March 21 look out for new content, giveaways and features every week.  Follow @Divergent on Twitter for daily updates.
In the world of DIVERGENT there are five factions that each represent a different virtue of society – selflessness (Abnegation), peacefulness (Amity), honesty (Candor), intelligence (Erudite) and bravery (Dauntless). Each week will celebrate a different faction, with exclusive content, news & features that represent that faction’s virtue:
ABNEGATION Week (2/18 – 2/22)
The “selfless” faction presents a week of giveaways for tickets to the world premiere of DIVERGENT.
AMITY Week (2/24 – 2/28)
The “peaceful” faction presents a week of exclusive content from official DIVERGENT soundtrack.
CANDOR Week (3/3 – 3/7)
The “honest” faction presents exclusive Q&As with DIVERGENT cast members.
ERUDITE Week (3/10 – 3/14)
The “intelligent” faction presents exclusive guest blogs by DIVERGENT filmmakers.
DAUNTLESS Week (3/17 – 3/21)
The “brave” faction presents a week of daring surprises.


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