DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

Oh, Honest Trailers! A little playful ribbing goes a long way, even for the series we love. And every major movie gets a turn nowadays, including The Divergent Series: Insurgent!

The new video covers Tris’ devastating haircut, confusion over universe-specific jargon, tropes, and the one scene that seems to leave all the critics particularly pleased.

In case you missed it, Screen Junkies spent most of the Honest Trailer for the first film comparing the faction system and Dauntless competition to another popular YA franchise, but they had us in absolute stitches this time as they compared the end scene in Insurgent to yet another earlier released YA favorite!

We have to admit to a gigglesnort at the end there, just because the speech at the end came off much differently in the books.

This Honest Trailer hits just before The Divergent Series: Allegiant hits theaters this Friday, March 18, 2016.

Tris vs. Peter in Insurgent

By Molly

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