The DIVERGENT Series Gets Flipped On Its Head In New INSURGENT Posters

INSURGENT posters continue the film’s mission to defy reality.

Things are either looking up or down for the characters in INSURGENT, depending on how you want to flip it!

Five gravity-defying posters for the DIVERGENT sequel are showing off some artistic prowess behind the series, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Each poster focuses in on the unique traits that drive each character and their environments.






With these INSURGENT posters, the only question left to ask about the series is “Which way is up?!”


Shailene Woodley and Theo James also talked to the magazine about the changes their characters face in the second installment of the four movie deal.

Shailene Woodley on Tris:

“She’s left with a lot of confusion as far as what the future holds. But she’s also left with a lot of guilt from the war, from losing her parents and from Will, so you see a newfound strength in her for revenge, as well as a lot of internal battles that she’s trying to weave her way around.”

Theo James on Four:

“In this movie, I wanted it to be clear that obviously things have changed and he’s fallen in love with Shai’s character, but at the same time, he’s still the same man. So I don’t want him to suddenly be like Prince Charming or something. So when you first meet him, he is trying to protect her at the beginning of the movie, and calm her, and make sure she doesn’t make any mistakes. But at the same time, they’re fugitives in this faction that they shouldn’t be in, and he knows that they’ve got to move quickly. And then all hell breaks loose.”