DIVERGENT Set Visit Report and Cast Interview Preview

Back in May The Fandom, along with Divergent Lexicon, Divergent Fans, Divergent Movies, I am Divergent, Divergent Guide, and Divergent Society went to Chicago to visit the set of Divergent and it was pretty special! While we got to see and experience some neat things off-set, such as visiting the under-construction Abnegation houses on Wells street and the Divergent-relevant Chicago city sites like the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, our on-set experience was even better!

When we arrived at the set, our base camp, if you will, was right in the middle of The Pit!  Yep, our first glimpse at The Pit came not from a movie still or trailer, but from being right there in person and it was IMPRESSIVE!  The Pit set was massive, and while it was still under construction when we were there, it looked just about exactly as it does in the film.  From The Pit, we watched Shailene and Zoe filming a scene from the film, when they first meet on the train.  Since there was very little room where that scene was being film, we had to watch on video, but it was still really cool!

On top of all of the things we got to see and experience, we also had the enormous pleasure of talking with the cast and crew of the film! It was almost surreal talking to the actors, and Director, Neil Burger, at a table in the middle of The Pit.  We have 11 interviews in total to share with you and this week we’ll be giving you two a day.  Be sure to visit us, and all of the sites who visited the set with us, at 10 am EST and 4 pm EST to read a new cast interview!  Tomorrow kicks off with the first part of our Theo James interview.

Speaking of Theo, we can’t forget THE PEAR!

For anyone following anyone who was at the set on Twitter, most likely saw this photo (probably a less blurry photo — I’m the worst photographer!) of Theo’s partially-eaten pear.  This pear went viral fast.  Before we had left the set that day this pear had multiple twitter accounts — not too shabby!


You might be asking why we all tweeted a picture of a pear, and why it was on the table to begin with.  Well here’s what went down.  This was our second day on set, and we were waiting for Theo to come out and talk to us.  When he did, he was in possession of this pear.  He had sat with us for just a few minutes, when duty called and he was swept away to work.  As soon as he left we realized the pear had been left behind.  That’s when the question was asked “can we tweet a picture of it?”  It seems a bit silly, but you have to understand, we’re on-set, seeing all these amazing things that we could not take pictures of.  No picture were allowed, understandably so.  However, when a photo shoot of the pear got the green light, we all took advantage of it!  What happened to the pear?  Well fear not, it wasn’t orphaned for long.  Theo came back and reclaimed what was quickly becoming a twitter-popular pear!

Don’t forget — tomorrow morning we’ll be sharing the first part of our interview with Theo!


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