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A year later, that previously announced DIVERGENT television project is finally in development!

After story struggles and lackluster box office performance, Lionsgate announced loose plans to take its Divergent franchise from the big screen to television last July, earning a fair share of befuddlement from fandom lovers. Now, after a year of quiet, it seems those plans are coming to fruition.

THR exclusively reports that a Divergent TV series titled Ascendant— also the title of the scrapped fourth film– is in the early stages of development. Writer Adam Cozad and director Lee Toland Krieger, both of whom were in the same respective roles for the fourth film, will executive produce the project for the premium cable network STARZ, which recently merged with Divergent franchise parent company Lionsgate.

Originally, the plan was to end Tris’ story in a TV movie before introducing a spinoff TV series. But that was before any network got involved with the project. Theoretically, Ascendant could do both if the show eases in the spinoff characters and makes them part of the narrative early on.

However, the series will likely be doing it without the film’s cast, as none of them are contractually obligated to appear in a TV adaptation and many of the actors, including Shailene Woodley, Theo James, and Miles Teller, seemingly have no intention to return. We’ll see if the allure of a premium cable show can lure any of them back in.

Lionsgate has a surprisingly good track record with original TV content, including Nashville, Orange Is The New Black, Dear White People, and The Royals.

Ascendant is still in its early stages, but we’ll keep you updated.

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