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DIVERGENT TV Series No Longer In Development

Lionsgate has given up on its quest to bring DIVERGENT to television.

It comes as a surprise to no one, but Lionsgate’s attempts to revive the Divergent series have officially died out.

The first Divergent movie, based on the popular series by Veronica Roth, hit theaters in 2014 and made $288 million internationally. Soon after, the series’ movie studio, Summit, was bought out by Lionsgate, who already owned the massively popular The Hunger Games series. Divergent was hailed as the next big thing in YA adaptations, but clearly, things didn’t work out quite as well as expected.

The sequel, Insurgent, reached even higher to $297 million. However, the movie featured some dramatic shifts from book to screen, adding in a Chosen One story line for Tris and focusing heavily on simulations rather that the war between Dauntless and Erudite that is the central element of the book. It didn’t sit well with audiences, who spoke with their wallets when Allegiant came out: The film only made $179 million, a dismal turnout for a film with such a large budget.

There are a lot of reasons that could be behind the sudden dive, but Lionsgate needed to change direction. Eventually, they announced that the finale, Ascendant, would be a TV movie and a spinoff series. There was just one major problem: The cast didn’t know and they weren’t on board. Still, an Ascendant TV series was in development at Starz as of last August.

After almost a year and a half of silence, Buzzfeed┬áconfirmed with Starz earlier this week that the franchise’s TV spinoff is dead in the water.

Fans still can’t decide whether the cliffhanger ending of Allegiant is better than the book ending that would have played out in Ascendant, so at least we’ll always have that debate to keep the fires raging.


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There are those of us who enjoyed the 3 movies, especially the characters Tris and Four. I’ve watch them over and over again. Just cause the Studio can’t make a gazillion dollars off of our desire for this series shouldn’t prevent them from doing what they should have done all along — give us the final chapter in Ascendant. We love it!!!

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