DIVERGENT: World & US Premieres For INSURGENT Announced!

It’s almost premiere time for INSURGENT!

Today, Lionsgate released tons of exciting info on the world premiere and US premiere of INSURGENT, the follow-up to DIVERGENT!

The world premiere for the film will take place on March 11th, but not in the US. Instead, the film will be rallying up support from European audiences with its big debut over in London!

Not from the UK? That doesn’t mean you can’t make it! The Divergent Series Facebook is running an excellent, simple competition to help you win your way to London for the premiere!

It’s become fairly common for YA franchises to hold their world premiere in Europe, where the genre tends to be a tougher sell for audiences, to gather addition support before the release.

Additionally, the official INSURGENT twitter account had a special guest announce the plans of the US premiere on March 16:

That’s right! INSURGENT will mark the US migration from Los Angeles to New York City! It’s be an exciting (and chilly!) change for the franchise.

Will you be attending one of these events? Let us know which one!

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