DIVERGENT’S Theo James Talks About Sweat and Shaving His Butt in Glamour Interview

For some reason, because I don’t subscribe to magazines like this, I got the Glamour magazine in the mail.  I didn’t think anything of it, but then decided to sneak a peek into it since it was technically mine (it had my name and address on it – weird!).  And surprisingly enough, after flipping through the overly-perfume-scented pages, Theo James appeared on one of those pages.


Well, I had to take a looksey into this interview.  It’s a short one, and after mentioning his interesting role on PBS’s Downton Abbey as well as his (now-cancelled) TV series Golden Boy, he does talk about Divergent and working with Shailene Woodley as well as what he had to go through for that back tattoo, which you can read below:

 Glamour: You and Shailene Woodley have to be pretty rough with each other in the film: There’s a love story but also lots of fight scenes because you play her trainer.
Theo James: That’s what Shai and I liked about the dynamic: It’s not gooey.  There were times my sweat would splash her mouth.
Glamour: So we take it that you two must’ve really gotten to know each other.
TJ: We both wanted to make this movie the best it could possibly be, since there are traps you can fall into doing YA [young adult] material.  So Shai and I really banded together.


Glamour: In the movie you have a huge tattoo.  How long did it take to put on?
TJ: It was a fully-body tattoo that took three and a half hours to apply – the hardest part was doing my bum cheek.  We had to shave parts of it!
Glamour: Worth it?
TJ: Oh, yeah.  I would keep [the tattoo] on when we went out after we finished for the day.  It made me look tough.  I miss it.


Well, I think Theo looks pretty tough enough even without it (at least in Divergent, probably not so much in Downton Abbey).  And although I’m not one for having sweat splashed in my mouth, I don’t think some of the fans would complain too much about it, either.  Of course, fans would probably complain about not seeing the whole back tattoo as well.