DOCTOR STRANGE Releases New Photos, Poster and TV Spot

Marvel released a bunch of DOCTOR STRANGE photos and three character posters.

With the release of Doctor Strange just a month away, the studio released a bunch of stuff for us. Marvel gives us a deeper look at the film with shiny new on-set photos.

Moreover, Marvel also released a brand new TV spot for the movie.

The studio also released three new character posters for Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Wong (Benedict Wong).

Stephen Strange lives in New York, is a top neurosurgeon, top pay, but more meritocratic maybe than someone with the skill and the hard work, junior doctor, junior surgeon, now a top neurosurgeon who has earned his way into the top pay of society, to have nothing. Nothing at all. No spiritual center, no hands, no money, nobody in his life he will let near him, to care for him anymore, and then he has to build himself up again from the very bottom and he’s a desperate man by the time he reaches Kathmandu. As he goes into this thing which is a million miles away from any world view or belief system he’s ever entertained, so it’s desperation that leads him to the path of the Ancient One and the spiritual…and then all hell breaks loose.


Experience the magic of Doctor Strange in cinemas on November 4.

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