DOCTOR WHO, WALL-E LEGO Play Sets Announced

DOCTOR WHO, WALL-E to get their first LEGO play sets in 2015

As part of its 2014 Ideas review, LEGO has announced the latest play sets they are releasing — Doctor Who and Companions and WALL-E!

According to LEGO spokesperson, Emma Owen, the sets should be available late 2015.

“We’re extremely excited to announce that a Doctor Who and a WALL-E set will be released as our next Lego Ideas fan based sets, congratulations to the designers Andrew Clark and [WALL-E] Angus MacLane! After receiving over 10,000 votes from the online community and having gone through rigorous toy testing from our expert panel, these awesome sets are on track to be on shelves later this year. The final set designs, pricing and availability are being worked out as we speak, so watch this space for the final details!”

While there isn’t an official first look at the products since it’s so early in their development, you can get an idea what it will look like by checking out the announcement video below!


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