DOCTOR WHO (Literally) Faces His Demons In ‘Heaven Sent’ Previews

The Doctor couldn’t save Clara, but can he save himself in ‘Heaven Sent’?

Last week’s Doctor Who brought an end to the series’ latest companion, Clara Oswald. Hurting and angry, The Doctor is transported to a mysterious castle to face down the dark forces in his memory all by himself in the next episode, ‘Heaven Sent’. It may be his own personal hell.. or is something greater at work here?

Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi took some time to break down where The Doctor stands going into this episode and what it means for him.

The episode trailer breaks down some key moments, but doesn’t explain much about those mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows.

If you thought The Doctor’s monologue was powerful right there, check out Peter Capaldi’s quiet intensity building into something spectacular in the full scene!

Doctor Who‘s ‘Heaven Sent’ airs tomorrow on BBC and BBC America.

heaven sent

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