Get a first look at the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special and the CLASS Teaser Trailer

The CLASS teaser trailer features a very familiar voice, and the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special brings a superhero into the mix.

It’s New York Comic-Con weekend, and BBC America took advantage of it by releasing the teaser trailer for the Doctor Who spinoff Class at Madison Square Garden. We see images of certain moments from the show, but nothing significant at this point, except for the voice of current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi as he gives a warning about time.

I wouldn’t doubt there’d be cameos of characters from the Doctor Who series, however, creator/writer Patrick Ness said this about such things: “cameos are like penises: When they are in a scene, they are all you look at.”

doctor-who-christmas-special-2016-grantAlso released today was the first look at the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which gave some behind-the-scenes footage with Pearl Mackie as the Doctor’s new companion Bill, the return of Matt Lucas as Nardole, and the introduction of Justin Chatwin as the superhero Grant.

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