DOCTOR WHO Talks Lady Me, ‘The Woman Who Lived’ Discoveries In Video Extras

Lady Me and Sam Swift are the big topics from last week’s DOCTOR WHO!

Doctor Who has come out with so many new video extras for its latest episode, ‘The Woman Who Lived’, we’re having a hard time keeping up (No seriously, can we condense these suckers into one longer video?)!

If you haven’t seen last week’s episode yet, there are definitely SPOILERS below!

First, a set of featurettes dig into the life and motivations of Lady Me, as well as Ashildr’s big secret that will certainly affect her future run-ins with The Doctor on the show!

Next, two new clips from the episode are highlighting the relationships involved. First up in a tense conversation between The Doctor and Lady Me, followed by an interaction between The Doctor and Sam Swift, who could certainly use some help from the savvy timelord!

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