DOCTOR WHO Teases With New Season 9 Trailer, Behind The Scenes Video

DOCTOR WHO is prepping fans for its return with a new Season 9 trailer!

We’re just shy of two weeks from the premiere of Doctor Who! To celebrate, the show released a new Season 9 trailer as well as a behind the scenes filming featurette!

Despite being shorter much, this trailer is actually giving us a more substantial look into what we can expect from the plot in Season 9, as well as a glimpse at a few foes in action.

It looks like The Doctor will go missing and be presumed dead by many, forcing Clara to seek help from Missy, believing she alone can find him. The possible death of The Doctor is a story line we’ve seen before, but it’s one that can go plenty of different ways

The show also gave fans a new sneak peek at Peter Capaldi filming a desert scene in the Canary Islands with some commentary from director Rachel Talalay!

Doctor Who returns on September 19, 2015 on BBC and BBC America!

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