Don’t Worry Demigods!


In Rick’s recent blog post, he reassures us we have nothing to fear. The end of the Mark of Athena was “literal cliffhanger” and we were left wondering what would happen to Percy and Annabeth. While its too soon to say any about The House of Hades, Rick does reassure us that Percy and Annabeth are in fact alive.

The one thing I can promise regarding The House of Hades ***SPOILER ALERT**** At the end of Mark of Athena, Nico senses that Percy and Annabeth are still alive, despite the incredible danger they are in. Nico is right. They are alive. You WILL find out what is happening to them in the next book. They don’t disappear from the story. **** END SPOILER ALERT*****/blockquote>

This is definitely better than freaking out for a year!

The picture I took during a trip to the Parthenon in Nashville, TN. In case you can’t tell its a close up of Athena’s shield. The statue inside the building was to scale and the shield was coated in gold leaf. It was fantastic and in case you were wondering, yes I wore my Camp Half-Blood shirt!

(Source: Rick’s Blog)


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