Down with the Downworlders

There seem to be many different Downworlders in The Shadow World. However the main four seem to be Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks and The Faeries (The Fair Folk). However even though their meant to be part demon, I found some of the best characters are Downworlders. We have Simon who becomes a vampire in City of Ashes and who is still an adorable gaming geek even in the afterlife. We have Luke, the second-hand bookseller and Clary’s father figure. A man who would give his life for the ones he loves. To make the world a more bright and glittery place we have the Warlock Magnus Bane, you can’t ignore the High Warlock of Brookylan! However I find it sad to say that I am yet to find a good fairy. Often described as beautiful like the angels but as cunning as the demons they have never had a good reputation. Especially since the event at the Seelie court during City of Ashes! These are the inhabitants of the Shadow World.


Pictures found on The Shadowhunters Wiki

By Kait

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