DreamWorks Acquires Film Rights to Michael Crichton Novel MICRO

DreamWorks acquires the final Michael Crichton novel MICRO

The film rights to the Michael Crichton novel Micro has been obtained by DreamWorks Studios, with Frank Marshall attached to produce.

The high-concept thriller follows a group of graduate students lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company, only to find themselves miniaturized and cast out into the rain forest with nothing but their scientific expertise and wits to protect them. Sherri Crichton and Laurent Bouzereau are set as executive producers for CrichtonSun LLC.

Micro was actually finished posthumously by The Hot Zone author Robert Preston, after Crichton’s death in 2008, and spent more than 20 weeks combined on the NYT bestseller list in hardcover and paperback.


This will be the second posthumously-published Crichton novel that DreamWorks has acquired, with Pirate Latitudes being the first, but it isn’t the first collaboration between DreamWorks and Crichton, as Jurassic Park and the sequel The Lost World were written by Crichton.

“Michael Crichton’s vast body of work has thrilled audiences around the world for decades, and it feels particularly poignant to be bringing his last published novel to DreamWorks,” said DreamWorks CEO Michael Wright. “This is the perfect place to unite these two dynamic brands.”

When it came to biotechnology and techno thrillers, Crichton was one of the best, but not all his book turn into successful  movies, as Congo, Sphere, and Timeline can prove.  Despite that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the rest his books get adapted.  Under DreamWorks, I’d hope for another success.

Source: Variety

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