Dreamworks TROLLS Panel

The first day of Comic-Con kicked off with a Dreamworks panel for the highly anticipated musical adventure, TROLLS.

Trolls, the upcoming movie from Dreamworks, had the first major movie panel at Comic-Con. And everyone who attended got a cute and colorful surprise as they entered: troll wigs!

The panel included voice stars Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn started off the panel by talking about the theme of the movie, which is happiness. Trolls are happy creatures, but the villains of the movie, Burgens, are giant creatures seeking happiness.

Anna Kendrick voices Poppy, the happiest troll, but ends up teaming with Timberlake’s character, Branch, who refuses to be happy at all. After a night of celebrating, all the trolls are captured except Poppy and Troll, which leads them to a crazy adventure.

Because the movie is all about happiness, the directors said that they actually researched hugs, and found that a hug needs to be seven seconds for dopamine to be released. Chris Hardwick hugged Justin Timberlake on stage for seven seconds, and the audience agreed that it was a long hug.

They also released some clips during the panel. Take a look!

The first clip released finds Poppy singing, but she wanders into a spider web, where she is kidnapped by a giant spider and wrapped into a cocoon. Branch (the grumpy troll) finds her and throws a stick at the spider, but it just bounces off ineffectively. But Branch doesn’t give up, and instead begins to whip the spiders with his hair, backing them into the mouth of another, even bigger monster.

The other clip was from later in the movie, during an event called the Trollstice. Poppy, the happy-go-lucky troll, is losing her optimism and her color starts to drain. Seeing her, the rest of the trolls lose their colors as well.

The panel ended with a sneak peek at another Dreamworks movie! Read about it here.

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