Drunk Drax Stumbles Through His Past In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Deleted Scene

Preparing for a few drunken family members over Christmas? Marvel just released the perfect deleted scene featuring a drunk Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy to get you in the spirit!

The newly released deleted scene takes place at the same time as Peter Quill and Glamora’s balcony scene on Knowhere and leads into the major fight that breaks up the aforementioned scene. In the sequence, Drax drunkenly stumbles through an explanation of his tattoos, especially the ones related to the wife and daughter he hopes to avenge. Despite his tragic past, Rocket isn’t willing to take much pity on Drax.

The scene was cut earlier in the process, so Groot and Rocket are still in low quality animation and there’s some obvious puckering in Dave Bautista’s body suit

The scene was likely cut to give the Star-Lord/Glamora relationship its big moment without constantly switching back and forth. Still, it’s good to see how the fight started!

This gem is being released as part of the Marvel Phase 2 collection, which is out now!


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