Dwayne Johnson Gets Black Adam Solo Movie In SHAZAM Story Split

DC movie property SHAZAM will be split into to feature films, giving Black Adam his own movie!

After choosing not to split up theĀ Justice League movie, DC Entertainment made a surprise move yesterday when they announced the two-movie split of another comic property.

Shazam isn’t a DC Entertainment property with dedicated legions of followers, but according to Deadline, the company is banking on the star power of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to carry his own Black Adam movie, which will unravel the backstory of the villain/antihero who has super strength, super speed, and control of magical lightning.

The studio will also develop the movie starring the hero to Black Adam’s villain, Shazam, though it’s unclear which movie will be released first. Also known as Billy Batson, the quirky teen character has almost the same exact powers as his foil, but uses them for good.

Dwayne Johnson previously mentioned that the Shazam movie would bring a lighter layer of fun to the typical dark DC Cinematic Universe, and we could definitely use a little of that.

The first Shazam movie is due out sometime in 2019.

By Molly

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