Dylan O’Brien Talks About Why He Wanted To Be in THE MAZE RUNNER


During an interview with Dylan O’Brien, as he’s out promoting the upcoming comedy The Internship, Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub got to ask him a bit about The Maze Runner and why he wanted to be in the movie.  Here’s what Dylan said:

For me, getting to do anything like this for me is really cool.  Even just getting the chance to audition for it, to go out for it, is awesome.  And the reason I’m so excited about it is just because I think it can be really something original within that sort of dystopian, obviously, that post-apocalyptic universe.  I think it’s a really cool take on that, and something that hasn’t really been done.  It does get compared to Hunger Games a lot, and that’s an amazing thing, but it’s a different thing. It’s a different world.  I don’t know, man.  I just genuinely think it’s cool, and I think that it can kind of succeed on a lot of levels with a lot of different people.

And the fans of the book are so excited and so into it that they have gotten me really into it.  I’m reading the book right now, and it’s awesome.  It’s just like a cool world.  It’s unique.  It’s a little like “Lord of the Flies” plus “Lost Boys.” It’s edgy, but it’s interesting.

He goes on saying about how awesome it is, which it is!  And much like myself at times, he’s at a loss for much more words than that.  Asked what he bought himself after landing the role of Thomas, he jokingly yet honestly said that he bought himself the book, which is the perfect thing to buy yourself when you’re playing a character from said book (if you don’t have it already.)

When asked if he was going to Comic-Con, he stated that he would be shooting during that time.  What that means for us Comic-Con attendees who want exclusive sneak peeks and such is that we might not get anything for The Maze Runner this year.  However, Frosty did suggest that Fox might bring The Maze Runner to Comic-Con, to which Dylan said, “I think I have to go then.” 

In regards to The Maze Runner and cast being at Comic-Con that is highly speculative as nothing in Comic-Con is guaranteed, even if it’s on the schedule.  But one can be hopeful.

UPDATE:  Interview Video added.  Go to the 4:07 mark for the Maze Runner talk.


You can watch the full video interview on Collider.

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