Early Oscar Buzz for Jennifer Lawrence

Reviews are in for Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper’s movie Silver Linings Playbook, and the odds appear to be in their favor. Gregory Ellwood from hitflix.com praises the directing of David O. Russell, as well as the performances given by the cast. However, he gives Jennifer Lawrence noteworthy praise for her performance as Tiffany.

While Cooper deserves kudos for his performance in “Playbook,” it’s Lawrence who absolutely steals the movie. Her portrayal of Tiffany is both fierce and tragic. She constructs Tiffany as a blunt and intelligent woman that is unashamed of her sexual dalliances even if her friends and family feel she’s just acting out. Tiffany is not a happy or pleasant person most of the time (she rarely cracks a smile), but Lawrence finds a way to have you rooting for her at the end. Lawrence has arguably impressed in every movie she’s starred in during her short big screen career, but her performance in “Playbook” deservedly ranks alongside her Oscar nominated turn in 2007’s “Winter’s Bone.” It’s not a reach to suggest her Academy peers may recognize her once more this January.

I was already anticipating the release of Silver Linings Playbook, but after reading the review I got even more excited! Jennifer has received much critical acclaim for all the roles she has taken in her young career. Her performance as Katniss in The Hunger Games has already garnered much Oscar talk. Could this be the year for Jennifer at the Oscars?

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