THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING by Jeff Giles Cover Reveal

EW has released the cover of the new Jeff Giles YA novel, THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING, and it’s beautiful!

Along with releasing the cover of THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING, Entertainment Weekly has also posted an exclusive interview with the Back In The Blue House author (who is also an EW veteran). The fiery cover features a rave review from The Maze Runner author James Dashner.

In the interview, Giles talks inspiration, the difficulties of writing YA, and more!

The Edge of Everything follows Zoe, a 17-year-old still dealing with the aftershock of her father’s sudden death — and her neighbors’ disappearance from their home. As if things couldn’t get worse, Zoe and her brother are attacked in their freezing Montana cabin — but then, just as suddenly, they’re rescued by X, a bounty hunter from a mysterious hell called the Lowlands, who’s been sent to claim the soul of their attacker.

Check out the cover and part of the interview below.

The Edge of Everything Cover

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What inspired The Edge of Everything?
JEFF GILES: The opening scene popped into my head when I was supposed to be working: A teenage girl is desperately trying to find her little brother in the middle of the woods, in the middle of a blizzard. All of a sudden, she sees this savage thing happening on a frozen lake: an otherworldly guy has shoved someone into a hole in the ice and is pushing his head underwater with his boot. The girl doesn’t know which of them is the good guy—or if there even is a good guy. But she knows she can’t let the man in the water die. From there, I started to figure out who everyone was and what kind of hell would break loose if the girl tried to save the guy’s life.

Why did you want to write a YA novel?
I was one of the top editors at Entertainment Weekly when it started dominating in its coverage of YA franchises. Tina Jordan, the EW books’ editor, recognized every hit before it happened — she had Stephen King review the first Hunger Games novel, which helped launch the thing — and EW’s photography editor Sarah Czeladnicki oversaw some amazing shoots, including the first one Jennifer Lawrence ever did as Katniss. Yes, we went overboard some times. But EW’s coverage of YA brought a lot of young readers to the brand. I was knocked out by how passionate that readership was and how intense the novels could be. The YA industry is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’d focused on Hollywood for so long that I didn’t know there was a whole other world where people actually felt fulfilled and were nice to each other.

Check out the rest of the interview – and Peter Jackson’s review – here.


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