Ellie Goulding Announces Her Work on the DIVERGENT Soundtrack

Ellie Goulding announced today on MTV (and a post on Instagram) that she has written a song for the Divergent soundtrack titled “Beating Heart,” along with the revelation on ABC’s Good Morning America that she will be the “musical voice” of Tris in the film!

divergent soundtrack

In her exclusive interview with MTV , Goulding talks about working with an orchestra for the film:

“I was recording with an orchestra for ‘Divergent,’ and my voice is kind of woven into the instrumental bits of the soundtrack,” she explained. “So, like, I basically got to go into the studio, and just be put in front of the microphone for a few hours and sing whatever I wanted to sing. Not even words, noises and sounds, too. I listened to a lot of Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, that kind of stuff.”

It sounds like Ellie’s heavily involved with the soundtrack!  We’d love to know how you feel about this, let us know!

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