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Be Emilia Clarke’s Hand of the Queen at the Final GAME OF THRONES Premiere

Think you got what it takes to be the guest of honor to the mother of dragons? Well here’s your chance! Emilia Clarke is teaming up with Omaze to give one lucky fan the chance of a life time to attend the final Game of Thrones premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York in April.

Go here for details on how to enter the Omaze campaign and for those who wonder who your money’s going to be benefiting, know that proceeds will be going towards a good cause close to Clarke’s heart: Various charities helping young adults through physical trauma recovery.

And while you wait in anticipation for the return of the show, check out this video where Clarke gets asked some… very interesting questions about her castmates. Questions include but are not limited to: Who is most likely to insist on doing a nude scene? Who is a Stark in the streets and a Wildling in the sheets? And who is most likely to spoil the ending?

Game of Thrones returns for the rest of us on April 14.


By Shannon

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