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Emily Blunt On Turning Down Black Widow and Peggy Carter, CAPTAIN MARVEL Rumors

Emily Blunt has almost been part of the Marvel universe twice before and is now rumored for CAPTAIN MARVEL.

Emily Blunt is no stranger to courting roles in the Marvel Universe.

The actress who became a bonafide action star this year via EDGE OF TOMORROW had a chance to do so much earlier. She was offered not one but two roles in the Marvel cinematic universe. The first was Black Widow, which Blunt was forced to drop due to filming commitments for GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (ouch!). The other was CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Agent Peggy Carter, a role that was also turned down for less specific scheduling reasons. Her husband, John Krasinski, was a finalist for Captain America himself, but was ultimately passed over in favor of Chris Evans.

Emily Blunt discussed the casting follies briefly with Vulture:

“It was never the right time, really, and it just didn’t work out scheduling-wise with those two. It’s always a difficult thing to talk about, because it’s not fair to the actresses who ended up playing them, you know? It just wasn’t the right time.”

However, Blunt has expressed a continuing interest on taking on a superhero role, which has many people rooting for her to play Carol Danvers aka CAPTAIN MARVEL. However, Blunt says the casting is pure speculation at this point:

Oh! No one’s offered me that officially, so it’s … [laughs] very unofficial. I think it’s fan-casting, which is always very nice. But nothing official has been offered, for sure.

Would you like to see Emily Blunt starring in CAPTAIN MARVEL?


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