Emma Roberts in Daily Mail Newspaper

Actress Emma Roberts was featured in today’s issue of the UK newspaper The Daily Mail whilst on set filming the Delirium TV Pilot!

The article features several images of Emma looking casual while filming for the upcoming Pilot episode.

The Mail has this to say on the up coming show;

Emma plays the lead in the science fiction series, which is based on the bestselling young adult novels by Lauren Oliver, which take place in an alternative war ravaged present-day. However, in this world the government has indoctrinated its people to believe that love is a disease called the delirium that needs to be surgically cured.
Emma plays 17-year-old Lena who is excited to get the mandatory surgery before she falls in love with an Invalid – or someone who has fled civilisation to avoid the ‘cure’.
She also has a busy year ahead with her soon to be released new comedy movie We Are The Millers, in which the former Nickelodeon actress stars alongside Jennifer Aniston.

Read the full article and view all the photos here!

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