Emma watches Mark in new THE DARK ARTIFICES Snippet

Emma watches Mark, a possibly shirtless Mark, in this new snippet from The Dark Artifices

The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare has released a new snippet from her next Shadowhunter Chronicles series, The Dark Artifices.  This time, Emma watches Mark Blackthorn, older brother of Julian, while out and about at the Santa Monica Pier.

Julian had stepped away from them and was on the phone again, speaking in a low voice. Mark splashed up out of the water and jammed his wet feet into his boots. Neither he nor Cristina was glamoured, and Emma noticed the stares of mundane passers-by as he came toward her — because he was tall, and beautiful, and because he had eyes that shone brighter than the lights of the ferris wheel. And because one of his eyes was blue, and the other one was gold.

And because there was something about him, something indefinably strange, a trace of the wildness of Faerie that never failed to make Emma think of untrammeled, wide-open spaces, of freedom and lawlessness. I am a lost boy, his eyes seemed to say. Find me.

Emma watches Mark in TDA snippet

I think the waiting time for the next Cassandra Clare book is finally more reasonable to think about than, say, a year and a half ago.  And now that all the novellas for Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy (highly recommended for all Shadowhunters fans) have been all released, we can focus our anticipation fully on Lady Midnight.  That being said, I can’t be sure if this snippet actually takes place in Lady Midnight, as Cassie did not specify.

However, if you’re wondering how I know this snippet takes place at the Santa Monica Pier, well, look no further than Cassie’s twitter:

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