Emma Watson Plays With Kittens, Confronts Controversy In New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Interviews

Emma Watson and Josh Gad share tales from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast is out today and it seems everyone is practically stampeding into theaters to watch. The cast has been busy on the film’s press tour and some great interviews have come out of it all!

First off, Buzzfeed made Emma Watson really happy (and distracted!) in the most adorable interview ever. Watson was asked fan questions, but first, she was given 5 kittens to play with. You can tell she definitely had some trouble focusing on the questions at hand while the kittens climbed, rolled, and demanded attention.

Next up, Emma got a little more serious with EW and talked about the (needlessly) controversial “gay moment” featuring Lefou and Gaston, which has undoubtedly been blown out of the water by media reports and fanatics, but it still a fun underlying story line that frankly, kind of existed in the animated version, anyway.

Speaking of LeFou, Josh Gad also recently told Jimmy Fallon about a crazy incident on set during which his rambunctious horse maaaaay have tried to murder Emma Watson.

You can go see Beauty and the Beast in theaters now! Click here to check out our review.

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