Ender’s Game Blog: Costume’s!

You think your job is tough?  Try having to dress an entire imaginary, future-world.

Petra Arkanian’s costume stencils for Ender’s Game film.

Ender’s Game Blog gave us a treat about how Christine Bieselin-Clark took on the task in creating the whole Ender’s world costume’s out of scratch!

That responsibility fell to Christine Bieselin-Clark, our wonderful costume designer.  She was tasked with making the future look — and even feel — real and tangible.

With science fiction, there’s a danger in creating a look that seems so foreign it becomes alienating.  For ENDER’S GAME, we wanted to make a future that looked both functional and logical.  We wanted it to be a future where you can picture yourself in their shoes.

But of course, it is the future.  For the uniforms, all synthetic materials were used, meaning no loud silk florals.   And for the flash suits… well, we actually had to create them out of thin air.

Christine built the flash suits from virtually non-existent fabrics designed by our incredible production team.  The idea was to take cues from “extreme sports” to inspire our design, using real world practicality as opposed to the heightened reality of superhero spandex and a cape.

And the best part?  They look pretty darn cool.

They also mentioned how much work went into making Nonso Anozie’s (Sergeant Dap) uniform.

I would love a Dragon Army jumpsuit if that’s not too much to ask! What do you think about original uniforms and suits for the movie?