Ender’s Game Fan Art

With the weekly reports of the Ender’s Game Blog we are treated to some amazing pictures about the film. If you haven’t been able to catch up on some posts visit the tumblr page to see what you’ve missed.

In the midst of all these exceptional pictures I want to share some Fan Art that I came across at deviantart.com that stood out to me.

This one done by ~ziwu had me captured. It is a shot of the last surviving pilots in the formic war, that Ender fought, who steer their shuttle’s into the bugger world to set off the MD Device.

What caught my eye was that it was the first piece I’ve seen to show a view of the pilots who sacrificed their lives to leave forever their families and Earth to fight in the war. It emphasizes their story, that I feel not very many people take into account. Maybe you do, and thats awesome, but I love back stories and this picture is telling one-thousand words. Also, I may add, that if you visit the link for this picture (the link for ziwu) you can zoom in and check out the details of the picture. The bugger world, the badges on the suit, and the picture and what’s written on it. Incredibly creative.

This one done by polishedivory must be a favorite to many.

Which way is the enemy’s gate? I think we can all answer this. It is one of my favorite lines, whether Ender says it or Bean. I also like how polishedivory designed the Dragon Army training suit.

You can check out more fan art at the site. There are some pretty incredible and creative pieces. If you find one that you must show and tell you can contact me (enders.speaker@yahoo.com) or any of the other admins on the site. We want to share what you are interested in.

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