A Look Into The Ender’s Game Still

Happy post-revelation everyone! If you can see we are totally excited to have the first official still for the Ender’s Game movie. As we were glued to our monitors scanning and analyzing the stare down of Colonel Graff and Ender we came across some things in the barracks that caught our attention. For clarification, the following observations are all speculation of what I gathered from the still.

via EW
via EW

–Off the bat our eyes go to the girl to the left of the photo (behind Ford). She wears a yellow jumpsuit and two launchies away from Ender there is another yellow suit. We can infer that these kids are all launchies so the two yellow suits aren’t commanders or toon leaders, because they are only assigned to army’s. So who are these yellow suited launchies? Well, referring back to the handy dandy EG book, in chapter five, launchies have to elect a ‘chief officer’ that would be normally settled in the lower bunk by the door. That was the last bed which was left to Ender on the first day in Battle School. By placement Ender would have been the officer but they elected otherwise. Maybe that’s what these kids are and they have to be identified separately from the rest.open locker First official still

–While I’m on the topic of clothing, they’re wearing socks! In the book they don’t own a pair of socks. In the still, well, it looks like they must own a couple of pairs. And the two kids in yellow suits not only have socks but have black socks.

–One thing that Orson Scott Card introduced us to in Ender’s first time in the barracks was the flash suits. They were placed in a locker at the end of the bed. However, here we don’t see the suits but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The lockers are situated in between the beds and to the right you can spot what looks like an open locker. Seems roomy, so the suits might be hanging around in there.

–Another thing that stood out were the desks. As seen in the picture below, they seem to be attached to the locker but are they detachable? Alike the other desks there are stools in front of the desks. Maybe they aren’t detachable and they must sit their for the time in use.

desks First official still–That leads me to the pairing and number of launchies in the barracks. Ender stands on a number 02 while the girl across from him stands on 01. The still isn’t a 360 view of the barracks, so I’m guessing that by the look of the bunk beds and the placement of the lockers there are 12 launchies and that they are paired by bunks. So it seems Alai and Ender might be bunk mates! Also, it looks like Ender might have the bottom bunk by the door. If the yellow suits are the chief officers maybe Ender palmed his locker already and like Mother Dap said  “Can’t recode the lockers now” so he probably kept that bed.

What do you guys think about these changes and observations? Have you guys found anything else other than what was listed? We love to hear from you guys let us know in the comments below.

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(source via Ender’s News, who have also given their breakdown of the still)

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