ENDGAME puzzle solved, winner receives $500k; Plus book 2 trailer

Someone solved James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton’s Endgame puzzle and will get 500k in gold

I remember when I got to meet James Frey last year when he was on tour to promote Endgame: The Calling and he talked about the Endgame puzzle and the opportunity for every reader to get a chance to win the $500k in actual gold. I’m horrible at puzzles, and even admitted so to him, but he very much told me that anyone with the book and internet access could win.

I had just recently wondered if anyone was going to win it, especially since book two was coming out soon. And to my happy surprise, someone did indeed solve the puzzle not long after I wondered.  Unfortunately, that someone was not me.


According to Nerdist, out of the over 135,000 participants from 166 different countries, Froylan Moreno Del Rio, was the determined winner of the $500,000 in gold.

Froylan, who’ll be flying off to pick up his gold at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, said this about winning:

“Like Frodo after destroying the one ring, I was just glad it was over. For the ‘final sprint’ I spent a whole week working on the puzzles day and night almost with no sleep.”

Now that that’s over with, much to the dismay of the other participants, we do have the trailer for book two of The Calling trilogy, Endgame: Sky Key!

Book synopsis:

The sequel to the New York Times bestseller and international multimedia phenomenon, Endgame: The Calling. In Queens, New York, Aisling Kopp believes the unthinkable: that Endgame can be stopped. But before she can get home to regroup, she is approached by the CIA. They know about Endgame. And they have their own ideas about how it should be Played. Ideas that could change everything.

And, if all is still going according to plan from what Frey said last year, there’ll now be $1,000,000 at stake in this book’s puzzle!  No doubt, this should be a harder puzzle to solve.

Endgame: Sky Key will be available in stores October 6, 2015.

Source: Nerdist

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