Enter for a chance to win a DIVERGENT Fathead Wall Graphic!

One awesome winner is going to win a Divergent Fathead wall graphic, and that person could be you!

These high quality Fathead wall graphics are amazing!  I got one of them myself, the factions wall graphics, and they are pretty sweet!  They are not small, either.  Upon putting them up on a narrow column of my closet wall, I realized that I didn’t have room for my Amity graphic to stay in line with the rest (stupid electrical socket!), so I ended up having to put it on the part of the wall, which you can see by the photos below.  And as you can see, it’s wider than the width of a mini poster.

Aside from them not being quite together, they are very cool.  The faction wall graphics in particular are pretty cool – you can add the decals of Faction names on the wall alongside it’s graphic if you wish.  I opted not to, but it’s there.  Each wall graphic comes with various bonus Divergent decals – the faction names being some of the ones attached to these wall graphics.

The graphics come in a sturdy non-bendable container to prevent them from being damaged on their way to you! I’ve had to adjust the placement of them a bit, but they still stick after several adjustments, so I wouldn’t worry about having to move them time and time again.  Just keep those walls clean!  However, I should note that these wall graphics are meant for indoor use.  The glue used for them to stick do not respond well to drastic weather changes – and even having them near your open window might cause them to eventually fall.

Anyway, to enter the giveaway for your choice Divergent all graphics, which can be found here, all you need to do is enter through any of the options available on the giveaway itself.  You’ll be able to get a maximum of 10 entries!  Just be sure to do all the options listed!  This giveaway is for international followers as well!



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