Enter the Room of Hidden Things in Day 9 of Pottermore Treats

Many hidden things can be found in this room in Hogwarts.

The Room of Hidden Things seems to hold many secrets for many students that happen upon it.  So, it’s a rather convenient place for many people to hide whatever they don’t want others to find.

12 days of pottermore - hidden things

There is a secret room used by Dumbledore’s Army
Concealed opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy
But what do students call this mysterious place
That on the Marauder’s Map leaves no trace?

Famously know by the Hogwarts students as the Room of Requirement, this place not only provides a place for Dumbledore’s Army to practice, as they did in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but also a place for Harry to hide a book that holds the secret to a dangerous curse.

12 days of pottermore - room of hidden things

This is what you’ll read about in day nine of the 12 Days of Pottermore.

At Harry’s request, the Room of Requirement provides a place for Harry to hide the book: a room the size of a large cathedral with very high windows, and towering walls built of objects hidden by generations of Hogwarts students.  The room is filled with alleyways and roads bordered by teetering piles of broken furniture, books, banned objects and other forbidden items.

Collect a helmut, a fanged frisbee, and a winged catapult while you’re in there observing all the odds and ends of the place. Here’s a visual of one of the items to collect.

12 days of pottermore - hidden things - fanged frisbee

I swear, if we actually had a room of requirement, what would be the point of living in a house that was limited to four walls that don’t expand, right?  Of course, for a fan fiction writer, the Come and Go Room seems to also be a convenient place for people to have secret rendezvous in.  Many, many secret rendezvous.

I’m also trying to figure out the purpose of having a fanged frisbee or a winged catapult.


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