Evan Daugherty is Riding High at 30- Brief Divergent Mention!

Great article on Evan Daugherty (screenwriter for Divergent) from the Huffington Post! Brief Divergent mention towards the end!

He replaced his old Honda with a Range Rover. He bought the biggest TV he could find: a 67-incher with 3D, which now dominates his small bedroom. He still lives in the same apartment — but he hired his roommate to be a full-time assistant.

“It’s sort of like ‘Entourage’ — Turtle and E and whatever,” he said. “Tomorrow will be the release of the movie — so I’ll do the cost-benefit analysis on whether to keep him as my assistant.” 

He may end up needing that assistant, as he still has more work on the horizon. “Shrapnel” became “Killing Season,” the DeNiro-Travolta movie, and it will soon hit the festival circuit in search of a distributor. And Lionsgate hired Daugherty to write an adaptation of the young adult novel “Divergent,” which he compared to “The Hunger Games.” 

But for now, Daugherty is focused on “Snow White and the Huntsman.” And until the box office receipts come in on Sunday, all there is to look at are those reviews. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Read more of this article at the Huffington Post!

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