EVERLESS Sequel EVERMORE Dazzles With Cover Reveal, Excerpt

EVERMORE comes to life with a decadent new cover!

With Everless, Sarah Holland debuted a captivating world where time literally is money, with people using their own lifeforce as currency, and 17-year-old Jules’s desperate quest to keep her father alive by earning extra time at the Everless estate, home to the royal Gerling family. Jules wants to keep her head down and earn, but when the mysteries of her past and the arrival of the ageless queen begin to haunt her time at Everless, she realizes there may be a much darker conspiracy to ravage her world afoot.

We’ve been aching for the sequel since we first read Everless, so we’re pretty psyched to see that Bustle has the cover for Evermore up now! Maintaining the hourglass theme, this cover is a bit darker but equally stunning!

Along with the reveal comes an excerpt from the start of Evermore, but BEWARE! This little look holds back no punches and starts in right away with the Everless spoilers! Don’t read it unless you’re familiar with book one!


A NOTICE for the capture of Jules Ember of Crofton, murderer of the First Queen, the late Savior of Sempera, the Lady of Centuries; and of Lord Roan Gerling, beloved son of Lord Nicholas Gerling and Lady Verissa Gerling, devoted brother of Lord Liam Gerling.

A reward of five hundred years of blood-iron is offered for the murderess’s living capture and delivery to Queen Ina Gold’s soldiers.

Chapter One

When I wake, my hands are covered in blood.

It’s only a trick of the moonlight and shifting shadows. Still, I frantically scrub my palms against my damp cloak, as if such a simple gesture could wipe away the red that stains my memory.

I sit in a corner of my friend Amma’s shed right outside of Crofton, my teeth chattering more with fear than cold as her aunt’s three chickens cluck softly at me from their pen. Spring rain taps against the roof. When I was a girl folded in Papa’s arms, the sound of rain was a lullaby—it sang of new life, of fledgling wheat that would soon be harvested, kneaded, then baked into bread on a blazing hearthstone. The rain lulled me to sleep, as soft and real as the voice of someone I love.

Now it’s a faint drum becoming louder with every gust of wind. The sound of doom approaching.

The shape of Crofton drew me in from the woods—the broken line of rooftops against the sky that I’ve seen so many times before. Our cottage is only ten minutes down the path, I realize, then there’s a pang of grief as I remember that it no longer belongs to Papa and me. I would trade all the splendor and luxury of Everless for one more evening by the fire with him. But even Everless is lost to me—my first real home, now forever forbidden.


Evermore (Everless #2) hits bookshelves on December 31, 2018. You can preorder it now via Amazon or Indiebound!

By Kait

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