‘Everything Wrong With THE GOOD DINOSAUR’ Takes Huge Bites Out Of Disney Pixar

THE GOOD DINOSAUR gets called out for tromping through Disney tropes!

Disney Pixar has released a slew of beloved new classics over the past 15 years or so, but last year’s The Good Dinosaur wasn’t one of them. The movie got a lot of flack from critics, including the sarcastic jokesters over at CinemaSins, who railed on the film in a new video.

Most notably, the video focuses in on the many, many similarities to previous hits from the studio, calling the movie a “Disney Pixar cliche stew” and an attempt to “turn The Lion King up to 11.” Also, how many times can Arlo the Apatosaurus fall from a cliff or get swept down a river without any serious injury?!


While harmless and enjoyable, this film definitely pulled a lot of elements from previous Disney projects. As long as the kiddos love it, it’s all good, right?

The Good Dinosaur is out on Blu-ray and Digital HD now.


By Molly

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