‘Everything Wrong With STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’ Recruits Kevin Smith For Snarky Critique

‘Everything Wrong With STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’ takes on the start of a phenomenon!

It’s the epic start to a classic fandom franchise, but as ‘Everything Wrong With Star Wars: A New Hope shows us, the movie is definitely not beyond reproach!

The original film may have kicked off one of the world’s greatest phenomenons, but it was also a low budget production featuring inexperienced actors and some shifty scripting faux pas. Though that’s not to say all of the fault is with the older features– CinemaSins is taking on the “remastered” version, which changed some details in ways fans didn’t enjoy.

‘Everything Wrong With Star Wars: A New Hope also features a special guest in actor, director, screenwriter, and infamous Star Wars fanboy Kevin Smith, who definitely adds exaggeration and some raunchiness to the typical CinemaSins fare! It’s not terrible, but perhaps not totallyyyy suited for work.

Here’s hoping CinemaSins gets through all of the Star Wars movies before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18, 2015!

kevin smith everything wrong with star wars: a new hope