CinemaSins keeps within 9 minutes with Everything Wrong with ZOOTOPIA

Godfather reference is sinless in this latest CinemaSins video of Everything Wrong with Zootopia.

It’s not often that CinemaSins goes 9 minutes or less with a movie (only one other movie was under 9 minutes in recent months, which was Jaws,) so call it kind of a success in CinemaSins history when Everything Wrong with Zootopia goes 9 minutes or less.  Considering the success of the movie itself it probably makes sense in a way, however, even Frozen hit the 10 minute mark.

Speaking of Frozen, they did make one reference to that oh so popular movie a sin in this one, as well as the Breaking Baaad (they were the ones that made that pun, thus CinemaSins should’ve taken away the sin) reference.


Interestingly enough, they do point out the profiling that Officer Hopps makes, and there are quite a few points on social issues throughout the movie, which would apparently make it very close to being considered a celebrity activist.

There are other notable sins mentioned, but you’ll just have to watch it to actually get it.  And if you haven’t watched Zootopia, well, spoilers!  Plus, this isn’t actually something you want your kids to watch.

Despite Zootopia’s “sins,” the movie broke records, being Disney’s largest opening ever for an animated film. According to Box Office Mojo, it is also Disney Animation’s 2nd highest grossing film of all time, making over $340 million. Frozen is still on top with grossing over $400 million.  It is 2nd for worldwide numbers as well.

By Molly

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