Excerpt: “Cast Long Shadows” from GHOSTS OF THE SHADOW MARKET by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan

Brother Zachariah meets Matthew Fairchild in this GHOSTS OF THE SHADOW MARKET excerpt!

Cassandra Clare‘s upcoming Shadowhunters short story collection, Ghosts of the Shadow Market, is highly anticipated by fans of the Shadowhunters chronicles. This book follows Brother Zachariah (also known as Jem Carstairs) along his various adventures in the Shadow Market.

Clare recently shared an excerpt from “Cast Long Shadows,” one of the shorts from the collection co-written with Sarah Rees Brennan. In the excerpt, Brother Zachariah meets Matthew Fairchild at the Shadow Market and they strike up a conversation. This excerpt takes place in The Last Hours era, sometime in the 1930s.

Read the excerpt from Ghosts of the Shadow Market below!

They wandered through the stalls of the Shadow Market. Brother Zachariah was searching for one warlock in particular, who had sent a message saying that he might be of some help.

“Does Uncle Will know you are in London?” asked Matthew. “Are you going to see him? If Uncle Will finds out you were in London and did not come to call, and I knew about it, that will be curtains for me! Young life cut off in its prime. A bright flower of manhood withered untimely. You might think of me and my doom, Uncle Jem, you really might.”

 Might I? asked Brother Zachariah.

It was fairly obvious what Matthew was angling to know.

“It would also be very kind of you if you refrained from mentioning that you saw me at the Shadow Market?” Matthew wheedled, with his engaging smile and a distinct air of apprehension.

Silent Brothers are terrible gossips as a rule, said Brother Zachariah. For you, though, Matthew, I will make an exception.

“Thanks, Uncle Jem!” Matthew linked his arm with Jem’s. “I can see we are going to be great friends.”
It must be a horrible contrast for the Market to behold, Jem thought, seeing this bright and happy boy hanging so carelessly off the arm of a Silent Brother, hooded and cloaked and all but shrouded in darkness. Matthew seemed blissfully unaware of the incongruity.

I believe we will be, said Jem.

“My cousin Anna says the Shadow Market is tremendous fun,” said Matthew happily. “Of course you know Anna. She’s always tremendous fun herself, and has the best taste in waistcoats in London. I met some very agreeable faeries who invited me, and I thought I would come see.”

This is the synopsis of Ghosts of the Shadow Market taken from Goodreads:

The Shadow Market is a meeting point for faeries, werewolves, warlocks and vampires. There the Downworlders buy and sell magical objects, make dark bargains, and whisper secrets they do not want the Nephilim to know. Through two centuries, however, there has been a frequent visitor to the Shadow Market from the City of Bones, the very heart of the Shadowhunters. As a Silent Brother, Brother Zachariah is sworn keeper of the laws and lore of the Nephilim. But once he was a Shadowhunter called Jem Carstairs, and his love, then and always, is the warlock Tessa Gray.

Follow Brother Zachariah and see, against the backdrop of the Shadow Market’s dark dealings and festive celebrations, Anna Lightwood’s first romance, Matthew Fairchild’s great sin and Tessa Gray plunged into a world war. Valentine Morgenstern buys a soul at the Market and a young Jace Wayland’s soul finds safe harbor. In the Market is hidden a lost heir and a beloved ghost, and no one can save you once you have traded away your heart. Not even Brother Zachariah…

Ghosts of the Shadow Market by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan will be released in 2019.

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