Read an excerpt from Ransom Riggs’ A MAP OF DAYS

A MAP OF DAYS, book four of Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series continues Jacob’s journey back to the United States. 

The story of Jacob Portman and Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children is not over as Ransom Riggs brings them back to continue on, but this time on we take a look at the American side of things in A Map of Days.

I touched Emma’s hand and raised a finger to my lips. I mouthed the word to her silently — Hollow.

Emma looked, for an instant, terrified — and then she swallowed hard and reined it in. She put her lips to my ear.

“Can you control it?” she whispered.

It had been months since I’d spoken hollowgast, or even confronted a hollow in person. I was way out of practice, and even at the top of my game, my control over a hollow had never come instantly.

“I need time to feel it out,” I whispered. “A minute or two.”

Emma nodded. “Then we’ll wait.”

It was in the cold storage locker with us. My inner compass needle was warming up, even as my body was freezing, and it told me the beast was just outside the plastic curtains. We could hear it chewing on something, grunting and slavering as it ate. We crouched by a wooden crate full of radishes, trying to make ourselves invisible as the seconds ticked by.

It tossed aside whatever it had been eating and let out a loud belch.

Emma shot me a questioning look — anything? — and I shook my head. Nothing yet. I needed to hear it speak.

It took a step toward us, its shadow falling crooked across the plastic curtains. I listened in vain for anything I could use to get a toehold in its brain — any little utterance would help — but the hollowgast was quiet, but for its ragged breathing. It was sniffing the air, gathering our scent.

I tapped Emma and raised my thumb. We rose slowly to standing. We were going to have fight.

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