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Exclusive Excerpt from Madeline J. Reynolds’ ILLUSIONS

Thomas and Saverio have a romantic moment that will give you chills in an exclusive look at Madeline J. Reynolds’ ILLUSIONS!

Told through letters, newspaper clippings, diary entries, and more, Illusions follows Thomas Pendelton, a magician’s apprentice to Neville Wighton, one of the greatest magicians of the time. There’s one major secret to their success: Thomas, in fact, possesses real magic. When fellow magician’s apprentice Saverio Moretti is tasked with discovering the tricks behind Thomas and Neville’s illusions, he doesn’t expect to find the shocking truth about magic… but he also didn’t expect to fall in love, either.

We’re showing off an exclusive excerpt of the new release thanks to Entangled Teen. In this peek, we see a page straight out of Saverio’s journal as he has an unexpected encounter with Thomas that will give you chills! Take a look below!

Another soft knock forced me to face whatever, or rather, whoever was waiting out in the hall. I twisted the doorknob and swung the door inward, bracing myself for the words of contempt my mentor surely had ready for me.

It was not Paolo.

It was Thomas.

The hallways in my building are improperly lit—by this I mean they are not lit at all (this has made for more than a few unpleasant returns from a night of drinking)—and the dark of the hall was touched with only the slightest measure of winter moonlight from a nearby window, making the boy’s already pale skin seem like marble.

He looked delicate and chilled to the bone, and I felt a sudden urge to run my hands rapidly over his arms, warming him with the sweet, intimate friction. But instead I flashed him a genuinely surprised smirk.

“You sure do like to keep your distance.”

Thomas smiled. He looked into the apartment, and it was in that moment I realized he had never actually been up here…only ever outside the building. I moved aside so he could step in, and as he did, it looked more like he was crossing an invisible barrier rather than a simple doorway.

He was trembling, but I have found that that is often the case with Thomas—his natural physical state. Still, he did not say a word. His eyes inspected the walls, the floor, even the ceiling, looking anywhere but at my eyes.

“Once again, I was starting to believe—”

But before I could finish my sentence, he was standing right beside me, mere inches away—skin upon skin, so close I could feel his breath on me each time he exhaled. I was taken aback by his sudden show of boldness. Even I would not have advanced so quickly. My plan had been to move slowly…steadily. But here he was, the shy poet, taking what it was that he wanted. For a few moments, my mouth just hung open, unsure of how to respond to his newfound boldness. In my astonished state, I stared at him, his already bright eyes illuminated by the traces of moonlight filtering in through the window.

“Thomas.” I had intended to speak his name at full volume, but it came out as nothing more than a whisper.

He answered this by tracing his fingertips along my cheek.

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Thomas Pendelton was born into wealth and prestige. He has a sensitive heart and wants nothing more than to write poetry. Instead, he is apprenticing for Neville Wighton the Great, an aging magician who has become somewhat crazed over the years in his pursuit of fame. With Thomas’ help, Wighton is about to premiere the greatest illusion seen by man, for Thomas possesses something no other illusionist has: real magic. Many in the theatrical world are desperate to learn Wighton’s big secret.

One such magician is Paolo il Magnifico. His apprentice, Saverio Moretti, is also seeking the answer. He has a scheme to get close to Wighton by seducing Thomas but seduction turns to real feelings. Now the young men must struggle to keep the secret of their romance, as well as the secret of Thomas’ magic, as both of these things could cost Thomas his life. Through journal entries, posters, letters, and other documents, ILLUSIONS is a story of love, betrayal, and of course, magic.

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