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Exclusive Excerpt: STAR-CROSSED by Pintip Dunn

Princess Vela faces her first hard lesson in an exclusive excerpt from Pintip Dunn’s STAR-CROSSED!

Forget Tomorrow series author Pintip Dunn is back with a new sci-fi novel exploring royalty, love, and sacrifice!

Star-Crossed follows Princess Vela, who lives on a planet where food runs scarce and the people are starving. Vela undergoes a procedure that takes decades off her life, but can feed her people via nutrition pills. But there’s one person the procedure doesn’t save: her own ailing father.

One of Vela’s people will have to give their life to save the king and in exchange, their family will be provided for no matter what. But when Vela’s childhood crush Carr volunteers, she begins to feel the crushing weight of sacrifice. Could you stand to lose yourself if it meant saving the people you love?

Entangled Teen provided us with an exclusive excerpt from the romantic sci-fi adventure, and it gives us a little insight as to what motivates Vela to give up so much for her community. Take a look!

I knew, when I watched my mother’s lifeless body enter the incinerator, when I pressed my lips against her too-cold skin and came away with a dusting of foundation powder, I would do everything in my power to prevent anyone I cared about from dying, ever again.

Star-Crossed hits shelves on October 2, 2018. Preorder it now via…

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