SDCC 2016 Exclusive Interview with Author Pierce Brown

We spoke with the Red Rising author at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con about what he’s been up to – plenty.

It’s been a stellar few years for bestselling author Pierce Brown, with the success of the Red Rising trilogy. Though the trilogy finished early last year with Morning Star, we wanted to talk to Pierce about what he had planned going forward.

Luckily for his fans, he’s actually not done with the Red Rising universe. It was also revealed last year that he would be starting a new series, Iron Gold, which takes place several years after the end of Morning Star. Not only that, he’s also teamed up with Dynamite Comics to create a prequel series titled “Sons of Ares.”

The comics will explore more of the universe and the supporting characters and the background stories that Pierce wasn’t able to expand upon in the main trilogy.

Brown expands the universe even further in Iron Gold, which will be told not only from Darrow’s point of view, but several others. When asked if we should be concerned about the characters we’ve grown to love, he was quick to say yes…with a grin.

The challenge for him was not only speaking from Darrow’s voice (thus his personality), but now he had other voices to speak through, including a low-color and a Mid-color.

And don’t miss our little word association play, but with Sevro’s thoughts on the subjects. Warning: Strong language involved.

Iron Gold, which you can pre-order now, is set to hit stores August 22nd, while the comic book series, Sons of Ares, is set for publication sometime this year.

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