EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: James Dashner on THE KILL ORDER *Spoilers*, Part 2

killorder-dashnerHere’s the conclusion to our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with author James Dashner, in which we also ask him about The Maze Runner movie.  Remember, there are *MAJOR SPOILERS* about The Kill Order.  If you haven’t already done so, please read the book before continuing on with this interview.

What was the challenge to writing this book as compared to the Maze Runner trilogy? Or did the story come out fairly easily?

JD: It was actually easier. And a lot of fun. I always had to worry about the over-arcing story of the trilogy when writing the others, but this one was self-contained and I wrote it very quickly.

Did you think about making this prequel into its own trilogy or was it always the plan to have only the one book?

JD: No, the plan was always just to write one book. Always. Like I said earlier, there’s just not any more story to pull from this world.

Where did the idea of a Transvice come from? Star Trek?

JD: Not really Star Trek. It’s just the one scientific achievement that I daydream about the most. Instant travel to anywhere. I’d give anything to have that ability. I can’t think of anything that could change the world more than that development.

(NOTE: Yes, I do believe James is talking about the Flat Trans, not the Transvice, but I won’t hold it against him.  It’s hard even for the author to keep track of all the things he’s created.)

This book barely gave the reader time to breath, being that it was so action-packed as well as mentally tiring (not that I didn’t love it, though). Why was it necessary to make their journey so bleak and ultimately tragic?

JD: Well, the trilogy was bleak, as you know. And this book’s purpose was to set that up, to show how the world got into the mess that made the story of The Maze Runner necessary in the first place. It was just a dark story from the get-go.

tmrcoverIn regards to the Maze Runner movie, are you going to have any involvement in the development or pre-production of it? 

JD: I’ve had a conversation with the director, and there’s a chance I could get involved a little bit later down the road. But it’s still very early in the process.

Were you able to give any suggestions as to who they should cast for any of the characters? 

JD: Not yet. They haven’t reached the casting stage as of yet.

As with many movies based on books, not everything that the book has will be included in the movie. Are there any scenes that you think are essential to have in the movie?

JD: That’s such a hard one. I know that movies represent a very different form of storytelling, and that changes are always necessary. But it makes me sad to think of any scene being cut or altered too much. But I’ll leave it in the hands of the experts and hope for the best.

There you have it, folks!  We hope you enjoyed all the insights from James about The Kill Order.  Might I suggest this book as a Christmas gift for your reader friends and family.  Click on the link the sidebar to order The Kill Order now!  

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