Exclusive interview with LADY MIDNIGHT author Cassandra Clare

Watch our exclusive interview with Lady Midnight author Cassandra Clare and check out her super cute heels!

Lady Midnight author Cassandra Clare made her first stop of the Lady Midnight book tour in Los Angeles, California, and we got to spend a few minutes with her (inside her tour bus!) to talk about the book.

Of course, the launch event would be held in L.A., as the story about the Blackthorn family, along with Emma Carstairs, takes place in that exact city.  We don’t ask any real spoilery questions so it’s okay to watch if you haven’t started Lady Midnight yet.

Always such a classy lady, it was a pleasure to spend just those few minutes with her to learn more about the book.  We hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as we’re enjoying it right now (I’m on page 395 at the moment and loving every moment of it!)

As for those heels, you can see just how pretty they are below:


And check out the bus!

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