Exclusive Interview: Rachel Caine On Her Return To Morganville In MIDNIGHT BITES

Rachel Caine talks about Morganville Vampires novella collection MIDNIGHT BITES and more!

Do you love Rachel Caine’s The Morganville Vampires series? Then you’ll be thrilled with her collection of Morganville short stories, Midnight Bites. As we mentioned in our book review, there’s something in there for every Morganville fan!

To celebrate the collection’s release, we chatted with author Rachel Caine about putting together the collection, exploring different points of view, and what’s next for the town of Morganville!

How did the idea for the MIDNIGHT BITES collection come about?

For years, I’d been getting requests from readers to tell them where to find all of the Morganville stories (along with a reading order) … and that was much more difficult than it seemed, because I’d done a lot of stories for completely varied anthologies, some YA and some not, as well as some that were exclusive only to certain countries. It was almost impossible for any but the most dedicated fan to get everything together on their own. So ultimately, once I realized how much I had, it seemed like a great idea to finally put it together in an easy form (plus new stories).

You’ve written a lot of Morganville shorts over the years. Which was the easiest to complete? The hardest?

I think the easiest was probably Eve’s story “Drama Queen’s Last Dance” because it was something that I’d wanted to put into the companion book, but hadn’t been able to fit in. Hardest? Hmm. In some ways, I’d say “Sam’s Story” just because the character didn’t really want to tell me his inner thoughts!

You took requests for novella character POVs and team-ups for the Morganville digital series Kickstarter. Were there any unexpected requests that you ended up loving?

People were really kind to me, so they didn’t ask me to do anything too difficult as far as character pairings … but I did really love the Myrnin and Oliver story that came out of that. It’s creepy, delicious fun.

From which Morganville resident’s point-of-view was it the most fun to write?

Though I always love writing Myrnin, I really enjoyed Hannah Moses’s police procedural story quite a bit. It was very different from the others, and a form I love writing.


In a few MIDNIGHT BITES introductions, you explained how real life inspired certain scenes in the shorts. Were there any special moments that you never got to explain before?

The intro to “Dark Rides” talks about me getting stuck backstage in a hidden passage at a haunted house I was working during Halloween … I’d almost forgotten about that, but once I mentioned it, it really scared me all over again!

You mentioned at the end of MIDNIGHT BITES that you’re not quite done with Morganville. Do you know where you’d like to go next with the series?

It’s not really possible to continue with Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve as the main characters, because of course they’re all adults now and it doesn’t fit in the YA category anymore … but I’m considering some cool ways to approach it. I’m not sure what form it will take, but there definitely will be more Morganville to come!

Aside from MIDNIGHT BITES, you also have RED HOT RAIN (Weather Warden #10) and PAPER AND FIRE (The Great Library #2) coming out this year. Can you tease us a bit about what to expect from those releases?

PAPER AND FIRE takes up the story where the first book, INK AND BONE, left off: Jess Brightwell, son of a prominent family of book smugglers, has survived his training at the Great Library of Alexandria, but things did not turn out as he’d planned … or as his family had planned. His friends are missing or in danger, and he’s been pressed into service as a soldier instead of a librarian. As clues come to light about the fate of his missing friend Thomas, Jess and his friends will have to make deadly choices that will alter their lives forever, not to mention the fundamental principles of the Great Library itself. It’s a rich, adrenaline-fueled race against time to save lives and change the world before it’s too late. I’m very excited about it, and it’ll hit shelves in July 2016.

RED HOT RAIN came about as a Kickstarter, and I never imagined the huge support it received! Joanne’s work as the head of the Wardens is helping put the world back together again, and so far Mother Earth seems content instead of homicidal … but there’s trouble brewing in the Djinn, and a terrifying creature from pre-history who has good reason to want chaos to continue, not subside. It’ll be a fast ride filled with all of the trademark Weather Warden sass and storms, and I can’t wait to write it! It’ll be on sale in October 2016.

With so many different series, do you have any advice for young writers on how to organize their many ideas and possible stories?

There are so many good ways to do it, from notecards to using your smartphone to dictate ideas for later … but I really like Scrivener for first drafts, because it helps me organize my book visually, combine all my research in one place, and keep good track of my plot via the built-in notecards. The great thing is that the more you write, the more ideas you tend to have!

Thanks so much for having me over today. People can check out new releases and upcoming appearances at my website, www.rachelcaine.com, and there’s a Great Library website as well at www.enterthelibrary.com — happy reading!

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