Exclusive Interview with Lindsay Cummings, Author of The Murder Complex Series


Lindsay Cummings talks about The Death Code, the upcoming sequel to The Murder Complex.

In anticipation of Lindsay Cumming’s new book, The Death Code, coming out May 26th, I got the chance to meet with her to ask a couple of questions about the upcoming release.  The Death Code is the sequel to The Murder Complex, a book known especially for its blood-soaked yet captivating writing.  We talked about what readers can expect from her next book, as well as some of Lindsay’s personal opinions of her books.

What new characters are you excited to introduce to us in The Death Code?

New characters…one who I’m excited about is- do you know who Sasha Alsberg is?  So, she’s one of my friends, and I wrote her into the book and she dies in the book- which is not a big spoiler, but I think it’s hysterical.  So I’m excited for people to read that.  And then you get to meet somebody’s sister.  I can’t say whose, because it’s a spoiler, but you will meet somebody’s sister, so I’m excited about that one.

If you had to roam the streets at night, would you rather be with Meadow or Zephyr?

One hundred percent Meadow.  She would protect me, for sure.

How long do you think you would survive The Murder Complex?

I would hope I would last, but I don’t want to be like “Oh, I would totally live.”  But since I wrote it, I would know all the places to hide, so, I think I might last.  For a while, at least.

How different was writing The Murder Complex versus writing the Balance Keepers series?

The Murder Complex is obviously much darker, and Balance Keepers is fun and for a younger audience, so that’s a huge difference there.  I call Balance Keepers my happy place, because it’s so light-hearted and I don’t have as hard of a time struggling through the plot for that one.  They’re so different, but I love them equally; the same, in different ways.

What was your first thought when you saw the cover design for The Murder Complex?

I loved the concept; I didn’t love the girl they chose, and then they finally chose the girl who is on the cover now and I love it.  I think it’s awesome, and I love the red, and I’m super happy with The Death Code one, too.  I think they look pretty close to the characters.  They’re pretty cool.  I got lucky.

What inspired the concept of The Murder Complex?

I read an article about a small town where all these murders happened in a short span of time, and I wanted to make it a futuristic story, and then it just got really dark from there.

Do you think anything like what occurs in your books could happen in the future?

I would hope not.  I would really hope not.  I think nanites- how they heal so fast- I’m pretty sure that kind of stuff is already becoming real.  As for The Murder Complex, I really hope that does not ever happen.  That would be so bad.

Were any of the characters inspired by people you know or have met in the past?

So, I am Meadow- minus, like, killing people- and my husband is Zephyr.  I have an older sister who is very sweet and gentle, so I kind of used her as my inspiration for Peri.

If you discovered a cure like the one in the book, would you distribute it, knowing extreme overpopulation could occur?

No. I would not.  But then again, I don’t know.  Actually, it’s kind of hard, because when you are in that situation you never know what you really would do until it happens.  So I would say no now, but if all my family was dying, maybe I would do it.  I don’t know.  That’s a tough question.

I will definitely be getting my copy of The Death Code the moment it hits the shelves on May 26th.


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